Diseño Sostenible

At ARC, our projects are recognized for their visionary aesthetics, exceptional functionality, keen understanding of social design, and integration of environmental sustainability. Our understanding of the importance of a comprehensive approach to sustainability in the built environment is as long-standing as we are, carving out places that enhance quality of life, grow organically over time and serve the needs of users today and into the future.

We implement these concepts through advanced building control systems, climatically responsive layouts, waste reduction principles and natural daylighting in projects executed throughout the world. The sustainable design process recognizes that building materials and the energy required to extract or create them are not infinite and must be carefully considered during all aspects design, planning and construction phases of the project.

Our design team incorporate natural systems from daylight to fresh air, providing a superior environment for the users as well as a better long-term contribution to the surrounding environment. Our design team recognize that we still have significant room to improve and grow, not only as designers and planners of our communities and cities, but also as citizens of the earth. At ARC, sustainability is an intrinsic part of how we Think, Design, Live and Grow. We support each opportunity to help our clients reach achievable environmental, social, aesthetic, physical and economic solutions posed by the challenges of their specific project.

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